Announcement 12.02.19

By the time you read this – I will be home recovering from breast cancer surgery.  Yes, almost 23 years later, I have been diagnosed with another bout of this – other side and totally not related to the first diagnosis.

In the social media world we all now live in – I always believe it’s better to get out in front of news (good or bad) to keep the facts straight and to keep the rumor mill as contained as possible.  The time has come because everybody in the industry I work with has been updated and eventually the news will get out – just because, thru nobody’s fault, it always just does.’s what you all need to know

I’m going to be fine – my care team has no worries that this will be the case and honestly – they’re the professionals here – not me.  The difference in technology and level of care 23 years later is incredibly brilliant and I’ve shoved thru all the “what ifs” with a clear head and confidence that I am in the best possible hands and that the outcome is going to be spectacular.

I had a super clean mammogram 07/31/19.  It’s the kind of breast cancer as in 85% of all BC cases – ductal – except this particular stinker decided there wasn’t enough room in the duct so it blew thru and is now about the size of a small walnut.  Yes, I found it myself – the day before I left on my first vacation in six years.  So, since the first mammogram 23 years ago didn’t find it and since this new beastie wasn’t there 5 months ago – the message loud & clear is MAMMOGRAMS and self exams – P.L.E.A.S.E.  Save a life – it could be your own.

Since my confirming appointments and diagnosis on Friday 11/15 (when i wasn’t spending time having blood draws, CT and bone scans, and more appointments than even i could imagine) I have worked like a possessed beaver on steroids to make sure I’ve got bins and bins of finished product so nobody gets caught short.  I have an incredible support group consisting of my husband Bear and amazing friends who will make sure that it’s all done and dusted and to cover my behind if need be.

I will most definitely be at the Nashville Market the first weekend in March, I am definitely working on piles and piles of new products to have at market.  The best scenario will be the new normal while the team figures out follow-up treatment after surgery and I start that next step.  I have a very full calendar in 2020 and I have every intention of keeping it intact.

So...that’s all the info that I know right now – I have a basket of finishing being completed, designer pieces to be finished for Market, as well as tons of treasures for the booth.  The next 3 weeks lifting heavy pots of fabric and water on and off the stove is a no-no until I’m all healed but i also have a Bear who can lift and shovel as necessary.

You can find me thru all the regular means, I will be on Instagram & FB and my Etsy shop will be operating normally.  If you hear to the contrary – just send them to and have them read this announcement.  Keep a good thought, give yourself a hug, get a mammogram and know that I appreciate all your good thoughts and best wishes – they mean the world!!!